• Ability to act from their being, knowing, knowing how to do and being with others, that is, developing the ability to use knowledge in all its dimensions, social relationships and interactions in different contexts.
  • Knowledgeable of the fundamental currents of philosophy to put them on stage from his pedagogical practice.
  • Ability to communicate objectively, to build elements that allow improving their pedagogical practice to be the main actor in the learning processes of philosophy from their reality.
  • Interest in permanent updating so that this allows them to be at the forefront of innovative pedagogical methodologies and strategies that arise in the globalized world, and thus promote significant changes in the student and in society.
  • Facilitator of the learning and teaching processes of this discipline and thereby foster a taste for philosophy, research and stimulate the development of critical thinking in their students.
  • Responsible for the integral formation of its students, from their being, knowing and knowing how to do and their being with others.
  • Development of research processes and thus innovation from their pedagogical practice according to the needs and expectations of their environment.