UNISUR University (in English: Unisur University), commonly known as Unisur, is a private university located in the United States, Colombia, Brazil, and Israel. It is one of the most influential Spanish-speaking universities in the world.

It occupies the Academic Ranking of the best Online Universities in the World.


Social movements and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) can be member organizations. To be part of UNISUR, organizations must be constituted to represent civil society for the common good, use human rights to promote objectives related to social justice, be committed to contributing to the collective work of the network, and meet the criteria of membership set forth below.

Personal membership is an option for activists, experts or academics who work in the field of human rights, are committed to contributing to the collective work of the network and meet the established membership criteria but are not linked to any member organisation.

Membership criteria

In order to become a member of UNISUR, organizations and individuals must demonstrate:

A history of actions in favor of economic, social and cultural rights, as an inherent part of the set of human rights, carried out in your country or region; independence from government agencies; and commitment to the objectives and principles of Red-UNISUR, as described above

Rights and duties of members

Member organizations have the right to vote on all issues discussed in the General Assembly, including those that set the general priorities and political positions of the network. Member organizations also have the right to vote and nominate candidates for the Council. All members have the right to participate in UNISUR working groups and projects, submit proposals for collective action, and participate in the decision-making processes of working groups and projects.

A key responsibility of members is active participation: sharing and exchanging information that moves UNISUR forward, supporting solidarity actions on behalf of other members, exercising their right to vote and contributing to advocacy and collective campaigns through the working groups and network projects.

UNISUR does not charge a fee to its members. The UNISUR Secretariat raises funds to support the collective actions that members considered priority, but UNISUR does not provide funding to its members.

Accession process

After receiving an invitation to apply from the UNISUR Secretariat, potential members must fill out an application form that will be reviewed by the Council and the membership before making a decision.

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